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All the photogalleries present the photos in date order so that the progress from ‘green field’ to completion can be seen. These galleries are added to as the work progresses.

Please Note - there is a slight change to the way the galleries work. They no longer start automatically, it is necessary to click the arrow in the centre of the Navigation Bar, just below the caption. This is to avoid the slow uploading of the galleries. (JR 5th Feb 2018)

The main project to ‘create a new railway station in Corwen’ consists of modifying the embankment, laying the track and building the platform. Two photogalleries cover the progress of the track and the platform.

There are also other ‘sub projects’ of no less importance to the overall creation of a new station, but which conveniently lend themselves to a separate photogallery. These cover the construction of the Corwen East Signal Box; the Subway to access the island platform; the extension of the embankment towards Green Lane to facilitate the laying of a longer headshunt; and the drilling of a borehole to provide water for the locomotives.

A further photogallery covering the construction and installation of the water tower will be included when the work commences (fundraising for the water tower is active now, as is the ‘Tenner for a Tonne’ fundraising for the rubble fill for the platform. Please contact Paul Bailey if you wish to help out with these projects, see ‘Tenner for a Tonne’ appeal on the previous page.

Trackwork Construction Photogallery Platforms - Construction Photogallery

New Station Building Photogallery

The Gap in the Embankment Photogallery

Water Tower Construction Photogallery