The Phase One end of the line

Construction Progress

It is always worth repeating the warning regarding the photography of trains on the Carrog to Corwen length. All the photos of trains on the running line have been taken from the footpath on the A5 road, which runs very closely with the railway for most of its length, NOT from the trackside.

A word of caution is appropriate though! The A5 is fast, busy, twisty and heavily loaded; and there are no safe parking places between Corwen and Llidiart-y-Parc.

The safe parking places are in the layby at Llidiart-y-Parc (just to the west of the village), and in the large car parks in Corwen where there are plenty of parking places.

In between, it is necessary to walk. The footpath is on the railway side, but not particularly wide. The A5 is already prone to accidents - please don’t add any more!

John Rutter - Webmaster

Photographing the trains between Carrog and Corwen

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Corwen Central


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Above: Since lockdown, due to Covid-19, was lifted rapid progress has been made on the platform surfacing. Edging stones and tactile slabs have been laid along the full length of both platform edges, together with a dozen rows of brick pavers. Central drainage channels have been laid, then the space between has been filled in a classic brick heringbone pattern. A line of tactile slabs has also been laid across the top of the subway steps.

Platform furniture, lamps and running in board posts were installed before the paving and the lamp tops and ‘CORWEN’ nameboard added later.

Corwen East Station building, sited below the embankment alongside the car park, has been fully decorated and fitted out ready for use.

The Gap Filled  And the track laid over the top.

Photos - Above Clockwise from the Left: 1) Track laid across the gap; 2) Bill Shakespear and Gordon Heddon bolt up the ‘Golden Fishplate; 3) the headshunt being laid; 4) the crossing being set out and bolted down; 5) The crossing being set out and bolted down; ( 6 The crossing complete awaiting the rails for the headshunt.

Below, left to right: 1) The headshunt complete and tested by the Roadrailer; 2) The headshunt complete; 3) the Construction Gang.

The S&T dept have been busy fitting window s into the signal box and installing point rodding. The ground frame has also been installed for use before the signal box itself is fully operational.

Photos above: Pete Neve, Andy Maxwell, Dave Tyrer and Phil Coles

Progress on the Signal Box

Signal Box Progress 23rd October 2020

Above, Windows being fitted

Left, the gang on a crossing(?)

Below, Locking Room steps being constructed.

The Ruthin Branch 23rd October 2020

Left: The new station from part way along the embankment.

Right: One of the bridge abutments (this one was a farmer’s underpass)

All pictures above - Dave Tyrer