The Phase One end of the line

Construction Progress

It is always worth repeating the warning regarding the photography of trains on the Carrog to Corwen length. All the photos of trains on the running line have been taken from the footpath on the A5 road, which runs very closely with the railway for most of its length, NOT from the trackside.

A word of caution is appropriate though! The A5 is fast, busy, twisty and heavily loaded; and there are no safe parking places between Corwen and Llidiart-y-Parc.

The safe parking places are in the layby at Llidiart-y-Parc (just to the west of the village), and in the large car parks in Corwen where there are plenty of parking places.

In between, it is necessary to walk. The footpath is on the railway side, but not particularly wide. The A5 is already prone to accidents - please don’t add any more!

John Rutter - Webmaster

Photographing the trains between Carrog and Corwen

Left: The signal box top in position surrounded by the construction crew 27th October 2018

Right: Signal Box and Water Tower 10th November 2018

Photo - John Rutter

Left: Station Building and Signal Box 10th November 2018

Right: Station Building and Subway  10th November 2018

Photos - John Rutter

Above Left: View from the end of the platform on 17th November.

Right: Dwyrain Corwen East dismantling under way.

Above Left: Part of Platform 1 wall leaving space for vehicular access.

Right: Foundations for the platform building at the west end on 25th November.

All pictures above - George Jones

The Gap Filled  And the track laid over the top.

The volunteer construction crew demonstrate the width of the gap which has to be filled.

The ‘Tenner for a Ton’ fundraising for the platform infill has reached its target and is now  switched to raise money for the embankment filling.

Photo - George Jones


As we come to the conclusion of the island platform and loop line build, the Project’s focus turns to the infamous Gap in the embankment, long seen as the big obstruction on the trackbed.

Originally bulldozed through to provide alternative access to the Sewage Farm, the gap was further eroded in 2013 by contractors for the Corwen Flood Relief Scheme and has since provided the essential access for the road delivery of materials for the project. Recently it offered the only route for the Water Tower and Signal box cabin to be brought in for installation.

Early in 2019 a contractor to delivered and compacted the spoil to reinstate the embankment for the connection of the two railheads and the laying of a parallel extended siding.

With a length of 150 metres and a mean depth of 3 metres,  requiring  1000  tonnes at a total cost of £10,000.

Help with financing this final challenge in completing the Corwen terminus is again sought from Supporters following the success of the Tenner for a Tonne Appeal which has financed the platform infill.

The difference is the time is shorter and the only reward for supporters will be the sight of the train arriving at the new station across the final frontier, something we are all waiting for!

With your help we will bridge the Gap and more Tenners for a Tonne of spoil to support this Appeal will be welcomed by our Treasurer,

Mr Paul Bailey, ‘Dolwen’, Bryn Eglwys, Corwen LL21 9LY

Platform, Water tower and Signal Box Progress

January Photos clockwise from above.

1) Superstructure support saddles in place

2) Saddles in place either side of the subway steps

3) Platform building floor being laid

4) Platform building floor being laid

5) Platform floor completed

All photos George Jones

The buffer stops removed and put to one side ready for installation on the end of the headshunt once the Gap is filled.

Photos George Jones

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Corwen Central


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Corwen Central Station developments is to be found at the

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Pictures, from Top Left. The end of the running line with a temporary stop. The road-railer before the crossing. The Road-railer on the crossing looking east. The crossing before the east end of the platform. View east from Platform 2. View west from the headshunt points. The Roadrailer at the Green Lane, western end of the railway.

Photos by George Jones, Peter Jump and Phillip Hebson.

Fundraising, however, needs to continue. There is much left to be done before Corwen Central can open for traffic. Please donate whatever you can to help us open the station to passengers as early as possible.

Pictures of filling The Gap

Site progress in May 2019. An aerial photo taken from the West end and looking East. Progress on filling The Gap continues.

Photo - Dewi Davies

LEFT: The final piece of the Up platform face being built 16th July 2019

RIGHT: The columns for the cover over the stair from the subway installed; early July 2019

Pictures George Jones

Photos - Above Clockwise from the Left: 1) Track laid across the gap; 2) Bill Shakespear and Gordon Heddon bolt up the ‘Golden Fishplate; 3) the headshunt being laid; 4) the crossing being set out and bolted down; 5) The crossing being set out and bolted down; ( 6 The crossing complete awaiting the rails for the headshunt.

Below, left to right: 1) The headshunt complete and tested by the Roadrailer; 2) The headshunt complete; 3) the Construction Gang.