The Phase One end of the line

Construction Progress

It is always worth repeating the warning regarding the photography of trains on the Carrog to Corwen length. All the photos of trains on the running line have been taken from the footpath on the A5 road, which runs very closely with the railway for most of its length, NOT from the trackside.

A word of caution is appropriate though! The A5 is fast, busy, twisty and heavily loaded; and there are no safe parking places between Corwen and Llidiart-y-Parc.

The safe parking places are in the layby at Llidiart-y-Parc (just to the west of the village), and in the large car parks in Corwen where there are plenty of parking places.

In between, it is necessary to walk. The footpath is on the railway side, but not particularly wide. The A5 is already prone to accidents - please don’t add any more!

John Rutter - Webmaster

Photographing the trains between Carrog and Corwen

Far Left - the water tower installed on prepared footings has changed the appearance of the station site completely.

Above Left and Right - Platform one developments: Left the west end of the platform with the rails in place. Right: Towards the east end, footings lfor the platform wall laid and sleepers in place.

Below Left: The view along the edge of platform 2 with the new water tower at the far end.

All photos - Jeff Albiston. July 2018

All pictures by Dewi Davis,

 taken in August 2018

Clockwise from the Top Left:

1) The view east from over the subway entrance

2) The view west showing the water tower in situ

3) The view east to Dwyrain Corwen East, the temporary platform for the operating railway.

4) The view west to the end of the line at Green Bridge gap

5) The signal box locking room under construction. The signal box top has now been landed (Nov 2018)

Corwen Central Review for 2018

The project team has made significant progress with works on the site throughout 2018 and the challenge remains to complete a basic station layout to allow trains to terminate at the new facility in 2019. The progress is well illustrated by the drone photos taken in late August, with further work completed since then noted in this summary of activities.

The building of the platform 1 wall for the upside loop has reached the point where, as of mid November 2018, the last 70 yards of foundations was in place with the building up of blocks to follow to complete the six coach platform length.

Where the two walls exist around the subway access point infilling has taken place with spoil brought in from the old Ruthin branch, with more to follow when the walls at the eastern end are complete. Meeting the expense to employ a contractor to carry out this work has been assisted by the many contributions to the Tenner for a Tonne appeal which has reached its initial target of £10K but more is always needed.

Within the area infilled and compacted the foundations for the planned platform waiting room have been excavated and concreted with provision of drainage and water supply for the toilets.

Foundations for the installation of the stanchions for the intended canopy are also being prepared and the original heritage stanchions have been cleaned and refurbished ready for installation. Another on-going renovation job has been the refurbishment and modification of a set of heritage railings which will be installed around the subway access area, both time consuming aspects of works by dedicated volunteers.

The Water Tank was delivered to site and installed at the end of June and is connected up with the borehole via the pumphouse installed at the foot of the embankment. Completion of the electrical installation will one day allow for the water to flow to fill the tank now all the plumbing and drain away is complete.

The other big installation job has been the delivery of the signal box cabin from its long term storage at Carrog. The former West Rhyn box has been at Carrog since 1991 and this summer work by volunteers gave attention to its external condition and a repaint, as well as internal supports in readiness for a big lift. Taken down the A5 road by low loader, the cabin was lifted on to the previously built locking room where it will await further internal restoration and fitting out as a long term project but, for now, it looks the part and represents a major infrastructure addition to the station site.

The temporary building adjacent to the subway access has received a new roof to make it water tight, and modifications to provide disabled entry and exit doors, as well as an external coat of chocolate and cream paint to look the part. A lot of work is needed internally to provide for the booking office and waiting room facility as an on-going task. This work will now receive attention from the station staff as they transfer from the now redundant building at the Dwyrain Corwen East temporary platform which closed as of 4 November 2018.

The project team of dedicated volunteers now face working through the winter period to complete the terminus. Aside from completing the platform 1 wall, the provision of the track work to complete the loop line and siding is a priority task. Infilling of the island platform will provide a surface for a contractor to pave the area with an estimated 40k pavers before items of platform furniture can be installed. The subway also will need a chairlift to provide for access for the immobility impaired – an item of further expense.

Finally, when all this is done and no further deliveries of materials to site are required, the infilling of the infamous gap in the embankment can be tackled and the two rail heads connected up, hopefully by early spring 2019.

However, it all depends on the winter’s weather and continued availability of resources – manpower, materials and finance – to allow for completion of a station providing basic facilities for the locomotive run-round and passenger access. Continued help with contributions to the project are essential if trains to Corwen are to be a feature of the 2019 timetable and an anticipated boost the railway’s fortunes. It may have been a long time coming, but we are nearly there and your help will ensure it is operational next year when work will continue to complete all the facilities the terminus will need, including the provision of a fully signalled layout.


Left: The signal box top being readied for lifting 25th October 2018

Right: The signal box top in position surrounded by the construction crew 27th October 2018

Both pictures - George Jones

Left: The signal Box top in position 3rd November 2018

Photo - George Jones

Right: Signal Box and Water Tower 10th November 2018

Photo - John Rutter

Left: Station Building and Signal Box 10th November 2018

Right: Station Building and Subway  10th November 2018

Photos - John Rutter

CCNL Novemeber 2018.pdf

Above Left: View from the end of the platform on 17th November.

Right: Dwyrain Corwen East dismantling under way.

Above Left: Part of Platform 1 wall leaving space for vehicular access.

Right: Foundations for the platform building at the west end on 25th November.

All pictures above - George Jones