September 2015

Corwen Central is getting closer. For months the team has been doing preparation work, all actions that need to be progressed but not quite as satisfying as being able to start the major works.

We have laid the run round point and four panels of track at the Green Lane end of the site allowing us to be precise about the position of the west end of the station and the subway. The level crossing part of the restricted access path has been laid between the lines. A vehicle crossing providing access to the area where the concrete sleepers are currently stored is under construction.

William Jones has drawn all the plans and marked all the levels for our site and the adjoining fields. When Welsh Water is ready to put their new access road in most of their planning work will be already done.

All the materials we have been gifted i.e. blocks, pipes gullies etc. (Thanks Maxi) have been put on the sewage works side of the Ruthin embankment. This allows us to have a clear site for the station and will free up the opposite side of the embankment for removal of spoil to infill the area between the V and Chicken Dock.

One of our team, the noted archaeologist John Bearne, has continued his work finding and clearing the stone lined drainage ditch on the Corwen town side of the embankment. Sadly he has found nothing of historical interest. John’s work is greatly appreciated by the team. No one else has the desire to do it.

We now have a secure compound to house our tractor, mini digger, dumper and things that might walk if they were left out. We put it on the sewage works side of the embankment not too far from the present buffer stop. We’ve used ex. mainline railway security fencing, kindly donated to us, that came to us chopped lengthways in about three foot lengths. We’ve concreted the main upright posts in the ground and welded all the sections in place, it’s plenty high enough, so should be reasonably secure.

Although the Corwen East Station is now part of the operational railway we still like to make sure it’s kept in good condition, doing a few repairs as and when we have the time.  e.g.  As the timber platform has weathered some of the planking had started to twist. The solution was to screw substantial batons to the lower edge of the platform to rectify the problem.

The lorry has been re-decked using donated plywood, recycled from the demolished Corwen Pavilion, thus preventing people falling through it. Richard has tastefully painted the lorry; the crane looks particularly good in red. It can now be seen from some distance. This is good for two reasons, it’s a safety feature and distance improves its looks.

All the vehicles have had some work done on them, oils and filters changed etc. ready for use when we are able to start the major works which hopefully won’t be too far away. Thanks to Phil and Roy.

As some of you will know, the Project Team are in the process of setting up the Corwen Central Trust which will take responsibility for the design and building of the station and infrastructure. We will also be responsible for finding the funds for the project which will be administered by us and only used for the Corwen Central project. The Board are happy with this concept and are likely to contribute. Corwen residents are also pleased because this will be a stand-alone Corwen based project that will hopefully attract funding from the Corwen area. When the Trust is up and running we will ensure Llangollen Railway members and the wider world are informed of the details. In the meantime any contributions will be gratefully received through Paul Bailey.

After a long time trying to get the major elements of our project going we are at last making progress. We sent out tenders for construction of the station underpass and we’ve had our three quotes back, one of which looks particularly favourable.  We have visited our preferred bidder and discussed the project with them and it all appears very favourable.

For a long time the provision of the Welsh Water access road to the sewage works has made little headway. We now have some really positive indications that a start on resolving this problem could happen soon as well.

There is a long way to go yet and funds are required to complete the work. Thank you to all who have already contributed in kind, time, providing expertise and of course money. All are vital to ensure the completion of the project.

The underpass/subway is the next major step to be taken and of course this will be a big drain on funds so your contributions are essential to ensure completion in a timely manner, and giving the project a real sense of progress.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Richard, John & Phil

Corwen Central Railway Station Project Group

To the End of the Line

For restoring the Carrog to Corwen railway line, making a positive contribution to the rural economy and enabling people to enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Dee Valley

The Corwen Extension  given an award by CPRW Corwen Central Station  Subway Construction

Corwen Central Station is to have an Island Platform with arriving trains to one side and the Locomotive run-around loop to the other. In order to allow passengers to access the platform without needing to cross the running rails, a subway has been constructed (see pictures).

Contractors pour concrete into the shuttering for the sidewalls of the subway. Right - the set sidewalls.

Pouring concrete to form the subway roof. The reinforcing bars to the left of the right hand photo are to bring the walls up to platform level.

All Photos - Paul Reynolds

Aerial View of the site of Corwen Central Station Site

This aerial picture shows the location of  the new station (bottom right to centre) and the location of Dwyrain Corwen East temporary platform (upper Left).

At the time this photo was taken, track had been laid from the loco headshunt (bottom right in the trees) via the run round loop points, two panels (120 ft) along what will be the platform face and two panels along the loco run around loop. The island platform will be built between these two sets of rails. Since this photograph much work has been done on the site.

The subway to access the island platform has been cast and the trackbed levelled around it.

The trackbed veering off to the left in the lower half of the picture is what is left of the old Corwen to Ruthin LNWR line. This has been modified to accommodate the new access road to the Welsh Water Treatment Plant.

Developments on the site of the new Corwen Central Station have progressed apace, unfortunately we haven’t been able to arrange for an updated aerial photograph.

Photo by Ron Jones