Davy, 1971

Davy is an English Electric shunter built for ICI. This loco was one of a small batch built by English Electric in the late 1950s specifically for industrial use, and was based at the ICI plant at Winnington (now Brunner Mond), Northwich in Cheshire. Although based around the Class 08 design, the loco has more in common with the former Class 11 shunting locos, as it has the slightly smaller driving wheels that class had, giving it better tractive effort than the 08's. The loco originally carried the name DAVY, after Sir Humphrey Davy, but was renamed John Brunner in 1973.  The loco received numerous modifications whilst under ICI ownership, including double-glazing, dual brakes and non-standard light clusters.  The machine has required a fair amount of work to bring it back to operational condition, although it did function on arrival. Its current untidy condition requires a cosmetic makeover but no decision has been reach as to the final livery. It is now owned by the diesel group, is expected to regain its original name.

Davy, 2004

General Info


English Electric, 1951

Works no.



English Electric 6KT of 400hp


Electric - two EE506 axle-hung motors

Power at Rail


Tractive Effort

Max. ?lbf, cont. ?lbf at ?mph





Max Speed


Train Brakes


Train Heat







Thanks to Garry Brookes for help with this locomotive's history. This locomotive is owned and operated by the Llangollen Diesel Group

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Above: In Llangollen yard, 2004. It hauled the 'Shunter Shuffle' at the diesel gala on 27th and 28th February. (Martin Perry)

Above: During August 1971, Davy hauls a train of outgoing COVHOPS containing Soda Ash. A train of full Limestone hoppers can be seen in the far road, whilst another road has a train of 21-Ton mineral wagons bringing in coal slack from Yorkshire. (Garry Brookes)

Davy , repainted, outside Pentrefelyn Shed on 12th Feb 2006

Photo - John Rutter