The Friendly Heritage Railway in the beautiful Valley of the River Dee in North Wales, UK

1) Join Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd

Llangollen Railway Trust exists to raise funds to further the development of the Railway. It produces a quarterly magazine, Steam at Llangollen, which is despatched to all its members, who also receive half price travel on the Railway (Not including special events).

Membership of the Trust also provides insurance cover for those who wish to volunteer on the Railway.

Click this link for a PDF version of the Membership Form

Other ways to help include covenanting money to the Trust; income tax can be reclaimed on donations made in this way. Please also consider making the Trust a beneficiary of your will - this has been very successful in raising funds. For details of all these, please e-mail the Trust or write to the Llangollen Railway Trust's Financial Director at the address on the contacts page on the main website.

2) Volunteer on the Railway

For those who wish to be more actively involved in rebuilding and operating the Railway, there are many opportunities to take part in both. A huge variety of jobs can be tackled, at a frequency to suit yourself, with training given as needed. Typical jobs include signalmen, platform staff, guards and ticket inspectors, engine fitters and drivers, permanent way maintenance and renewal, and signal and telecomms technicians. Volunteers receive free travel on the Railway, and on several others who take part in an exchange scheme with us, plus discounted prices at the cafes. For more details, have a look at The Volunteering Pages, or write to the Trust Secretary at the address on the contacts page.

Volunteers need some basic training, mainly in safety systems etc and these can easily be arranged through the Volunteer co-ordinator - Chris Simon - contactable through the Railway office on platform two. (01978 860979)

3) Buy Shares in Llangollen Railway plc

To fund the extension of the Railway, a share issue for 500,000 £1 shares was promoted in 1993, followed by a second issue of a further 500,000 shares. Of these approximately 520,000 are sold; the sale of the remaining shares would be a welcome boost towards funding the development projects underway on the line. Any shareholder wishing to apply for additional shares should contact the Llangollen Railway plc by e-mail or at the address given on the contacts page on the Main Website. There is a facility to buy shares by monthly instalments available for existing shareholders, either by standing order or even by cash!

Whilst stocks of the 1993 Share Prospectus are exhausted, a plc share application package is available for issue to would-be new shareholders. If you know of anyone who would be interested in acquiring shares in Llangollen Railway plc, a package can be sent to them on request. A Llangollen Railway share certificate and the annual travel benefits the shares bring can make a very nice and unusual present for a birthday, anniversary, retirement or prize. The minimum application to provide annual travel benefits is £50. Please suggest this as an idea if you know of someone having difficulty in finding a present for those who seem to have everything!

You can also purchase shares for children or grandchildren. Such application is made in the name of the adult funding the shares, with details of the minor's name, address and date of birth added as a supplement to the application form. Please ask for more details.


Ways you can help us If you are not yet a member of Llangollen Railway Trust

Working Members doing things on the Railway:

L to R Relaying Track; Training to be Guards; Playing parts on “Days out with Thomas” (TM) events; Firing the Locomotives in the Shed yard; Moving materials in Pentrefelyn Yard; Repairing wooden bodied coaches in Pentrefelyn Yard

More working members doing more things:

Left to Right: Elves helping Santa; Llangollen Station Staff dressed for the Santa Specials; A brushwood cutting gang at Berwyn Tunnel; Firing a service loco; Running repairs in Llangollen Loco Shed; Train Crew; Helping Thomas (TM)

The Corwen Extension

On 27th August 2010, after 4 years of intense work, the railway was granted the Transport and Works Order (T&WO) for the 2.25 mile extension of the railway to Corwen. This was only the beginning. Due to the late approval of the T&WO, the railway lost the possibility of a grant of £1.2M from the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG). A grant of £500,000 was offered on the basis that the railway match funds with another £500,000. This was a huge sum to raise in a short period of time so we appealed to all our supporters to help as much as they were able.

Unfortunately, this funding only covered Phase One of the extension of the railway to Corwen which is now complete. A limited life temporary platform, called Dwyrain Corwen East, was erected to the east of Corwen car park but has now been demolished to allow for the completion of track into Corwen Central - the new station. Create Corwen Central Station about 300 yards to the west of Corwen East and alongside Corwen main car park has been a major project but completion is now in sight. This part of the project still needs to boost in its funding to meet the timescale. Please give generously.

Please give generously to the Corwen Appeal, and/or purchase shares in Llangollen Railway PLC, both sources of funding will count towards the monies we have to raise. Information on both the above ways of supporting us are available through the railway office, 01978 860979

Please complete the

Membership Form

in the back of the Timetable Booklet

And send it to:

The Membership Secretary

C/o Llys-y-Fron 4 Fordd Tan’r Allt

Abergele LL22 7DQ

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