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John Rutter - Webmaster

The Carriage & Wagon Dept workload is increasing with more vehicles coming in for refurbishment. More people are needed to keep up with the present workload. No trade experience is necessary, general help with cleaning, painting, filling, rubbing down etc is also needed. Wednesdays are a good day if you are retired and looking for something different to do, however the work continues 7 days a week if you prefer the Weekends.

A current PTS certificate will be needed for working at track level. Please contact the railway office on 01978 860 979 for more information, how to find Pentrefelyn Shed and who to ask for.

To all Working Members, including Directors,

In order to travel without payment, which is of course your entitlement, please show the TTI, when requested, your Working Member's Identity Card, together with your current Membership Card ( remembering you cannot be a Working Member without being a Member first. You must maintain your Llangollen Railway Membership year after year for as long as you are a Working Member) - please remember to always carry these cards, as the TTI has the right to request payment if proper identification is not forthcoming. By being helpful in this way you will be assisting a fellow Working Member to do his job correctly

Thanking you all in anticipation.  Revenue Protection Officer.