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The temporary platform, named Dwyrain Corwen East, has been closed and will be dismantled in preparation for opening the railway into the new station, CORWEN CENTRAL, approximately 300 yards closer to the Corwen Town Centre, early in 2019


Progress on Corwen Cnetral has been rapid and obvious in the last month (November). The water tower installation is almost complete and the signal box top, originally from Weston Rhyn on the Wrexham -Shrewsbury line has been positioned on the top of the newly constructed locking room.

We urgently need more funds to complete the work and open the station to traffic.

Please see the Corwen Central Fundraising page for ways that you can help.

For more details - see the ‘Corwen Central Developments page

The newly constructed water tower in position at the east end of Corwen Central platform.

Photo - Jeff Albiston

Berwyn Chain Bridge  Restoration Project

Restoration of the Chain Bridge over the River Dee at Berwyn is now complete and the bridge is once again open to the public.  The railway have cleared and upgraded the path from the station through the tunnel under the line and down the slope to the bridge.

This now opens up the possibilities for a train ride to Berwyn and a leisurely walk back to Llangollen along the canal; or the other way round. Alternatively, a break of journey at Berwyn to visit the Horseshoe Falls, then back on the train.

Link to a video of Thomas and Goliath going back to the shed after a long and busy day

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