Cylinders for the ‘night Owl, ex 2861 arrive in Llangollen yard.

Photo George Jones

New-build Locomotive 4709   The Night Owl

Donor Locomotive no 4115 in Llangollen Yard prior to dismantling 21st August 2011

Photos John Rutter

The wheels from 4115 being sent away for preparation to fit under 4709

Photo Dave Owen 15th November 2014

Above: The extension frames and Saddle Plate from 4115 being prepared for 4709

Photos - Dave Owen 15th November 2014

4709 Inside frames showing doubling plate and angle for securing saddle plate.

Photo Dave Owen 15th November 2014

Night Owl frames erected in Llangollen Loco Works on 4th July 2014. The right hand picture shows the extension frames from 4115 stored at the front, ready to be offered up.

Photos - John Rutter