Eliseg was one of a pair of 40HP diesel shunters built by Fowlers in 1939 in their Steam Plough Works in Leeds. It was ordered by the Air Ministry for use on the Broughton Site and remained there all its working life. On the removal of the BR rail connection in 1969, Eliseg was abandoned and the undergrowth took over.

The locomotive was rescued and initial restoration took place in a pub back yard, before movement to the embryo Llangollen Railway in 1975 where it was the first locomtive on the railway. It was used on the P-Way trains during the initial building of the line but was eventually sidelined as more powerful shunters arrived.

It sustained frost damage to the cylinder block and a replacement is being sought - so far unsuccessfully as Fowler - Sanders engines are not common.

The locomotive is powered by  a 40 HP diesel engine via a mechanical transmission.

The 3 speed, straight cut gearbox is driven through a dry-plate, foot operated clutch.

A screw-down handbrake is fitted with a transmission brake operating via a brake shoe on the main flywheel.

Eliseg looking very forlorn  in the C&W shed at Pentrefelyn

Photo - John Vacher

Eliseg in Pentrefelyn Yard on 3rd June 2008.  At the right is a close-up of the “Fowler” power unit which needs to be replaced.

Photos - John Rutter

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Movements out of Llangollen Yard

 Eliseg has left us for a preserved station site in Anglesey where it will be a static exhibit. 4th Feb 2009