Fundraising for a new-build Patriot 4-6-0 locomotive commenced at Llangollen during the Steam Gala weekend of 18th, 19th and 20th April 2008.

Claughton “Ingestre” Ca 1920

Claughton 6018 “Bredalbane” at Willesden - its home shed

Early Patriot - built using Claughton parts

No. 45505 “Royal Army Ordnance Corps

(Ca 1950s)

Archive Photos courtesy of Charles Cooksley



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The Frame Plates arrive in Llangollen

Pictures taken on 3rd July 2009: above Left to Right: Chalk detail on the right hand plate; The right hand plate being turned to ‘chimney uphill’ before moving it into the shed; The right hand plate being lowered into the jig stands alongside the left hand plate inside Llangollen Shed.

Below: The frames in position in the stands. The locomotive will be built in this location in the shed. The next time the frames move from here will be as a rolling chasis.

Pictures - John Rutter

Above - Left to Right: Left hand cylinder in position; left hand cylinder in position; centre cylinder in position. (Right hand cylinder awaited)

All pictures Dave Owen

Above: Patriot wheels being removed following return to Llangollen ready for frames to be moved into the shed for cylinder fitting.

All pictures - Dave Owen