The frames of 5539 in Llangollen Shed on 3rd Feb 2007.  Rivets are being put into the rear cross member following the cutting away and replacement with new metal of the rear 4 feet of the frames.

Picture - John Rutter

The cylinder blocks removed from the frames and stored on a flat wagon in Llangollen Yard. The right hand cylinder is badly cracked and requires replacement


Frames and cab of 5539 in Llangollen Shed 9th March 2008

Last updated 1st December 2009 by  John Rutter

Left - Newly cast cylinder block in the Machine shop 16th April 2008

Right - Frames with cab erected in the workshops on the same date.

Photos John Rutter

5539 in the shed on 28th August 2008

Photo John Rutter

New cylinder castings being machined at U-Phone Engineering at Dudley on 1st December 2009

Pictures - Dave Owen