7927 Willington Hall

Boiler from Willington Hall in store at Pentrefelyn Yard for the new build “Betton Grange” 6880

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Built in October 1950 under BR .

First shed Reading. March 1959 Old Oak Common.

Cardiff Canton to Cardiff East Dock shed September 1962.

Last shed Oxford.

Withdrawn December 1965 - only 15 years old.

Woodham's Scrapyard  Barry February 1966.

Bought by Wales Railway Centre, Cardiff.

Dismantled Llangollen Railway, North Wales 2007.  RIP

Boiler to be used by the Betton Grange 6880 Project at Llangollen

Frames Modified and sent to Didcot for the County Project


New rear dragbox fitted and lowered by 1½”

New front buffer beam assembly fitted and lowered by 1½”

Front frame ends reprofiled to lower them by 1½”

The hanging bars have been reduced to County size dimensions

The bogie centre pin has been lowered by 1½”

A new rear frame stretcher has been fitted to accommodate the sloping throat plate boiler - unique to the County.

A number of new holes have had to be drilled in the frames and a small number filled in.

Barry scrapyard on 28th July 1973, 7927 “Willington Hall” looking rather smartly turned out, having been partly-restored for a first preservation attempt. Most of the motion is still attached.

Left: a close-up view

Centre: the engine bringing up the rear of a threesome. Next to 7927 is 7820 “Dinmore Manor”, which left Barry for the Gwili Railway in 1979, and on the left, 6984 “Owsden Hall”, which left for a private site in Bicester in October 1986.

Right: Taken on 8th September 1977. Moved to the departure sidings in 1975, but now looking decidedly careworn, tenderless and shorn of rods, 7927 is seen in the company of the tender of 42765, which left for the Worth Valley in April 1978

Departure dates and locations courtesy of ‘The Barry List’ 8th Edition.

Text and Photos - Ted Buckley